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Website Design Course (non-AQF)

Course Information


Website building has become easier and easier, and a website design business is definitely quite lucrative, and it allows you to not only save heaps on building and managing your own website, but it also allows you to create and sell websites to clients.

In this course, which is not a coding course, you will learn how to build and deploy your own website, how to manage a website’s SEO, and what social media works best with your business model.

At the end of the course, you will be able to build a complete website using wordpress and elementor, choose and create your social channels, manage and modify website SEO and social media.

This is a non-AQF course so the certificate will not appear on a student’s USI. 

Course Duration

50 hours over 10 weeks

Attendance Requirement

1 hour per week class + 4 hours from home

Entry Requirement

Must be 18 years or older

Training Mode

Face to Face or Online 

Course Structure (4 Core + 8 Elective)
Core Units

Session 1: Introduction, types of websites, definition of domain, hosting and other key concepts

  • Why build a website
  • General, e-commerce, blogs, and other types of websites
  • Definition of domain (and related concepts), hosting (and related concepts), wordpress (and related concepts), elementor, SEO, Social Media, e-mail, etc…

Session 2: Domain and hosting research and setup

  • Choosing a domain and social media handles
  • Comparing hosting providers
  • Purchasing domain and hosting
  • Setting up e-mail
  • Setting up wordpress

Session 3: Introduction to WordPress themes, builders, and plugins

  • Intro to wordpress
  • Deciding what the website needs to do
  • Choosing a theme for wordpress
  • Choosing plugins based on desired website functionality
  • Deciding whether to use a theme or a theme builder

Session 4: Setting up WordPress back end and configuring some plugins

  • Working on wordpress settings and back end
  • Configuring plugins

Session 5: Installing and using Elementor and building a page with it

  • Introduction to Elementor website builder
  • Installing Elementor pro
  • Tour of Elementor and basic functions
  • Building a theme and a webpage with Elementor

Session 6: Choosing and editing designs with Elementor and making website responsive

  • Different widgets of Elementor and how to use them
  • Making website mobile responsive using elementor

Session 7: Basics of SEO

  • Introduction to SEO
  • Implementing page speed seo
  • Implementing textual seo

Session 8: Finalising and launching the website

  • Sharing websites created
  • Suggesting edits and discussing them
  • Implementing edits and website review
  • Launching website

Session 9: Choosing, setting up, and deploying social media accounts

  • Deciding what social media to use based on type of website
  • Introduction to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google My Business, youtube
  • Creating and deploying above mentioned channels

Session 10: Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation, and course conclusion

  • Difference between SEO and SEM
  • Creating and deploying a newsletter
  • Basics of keyword research
  • Course conclusion
Fees and Charges

Enrolment fee: $100

Material fee: $150 (includes .com domain + hosting + plugins)

Tuition fees: $500 (payment plans available. Includes 1 year q&a e-mail support)

Total course fees: $750

First cohort will start in January 2021. 

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This course is provided in partnership with Brandplus Solutions

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Literacy, Language and Numeracy Test

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