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With the new classification of the Coronavirus as a pandemic, it is now more than ever important for us to take the best measures possible in preventing and helping to stop the spread of this virus. Thankfully, Future Academy has not been affected with COVID-19 so far; however, we do not plan on tempting the fates. Moreover, some students who have recently returned from offshore are in mandatory self-isolation, and it remains their right to continue their studies undisrupted. Additionally, many of you have expressed concerns regarding coming to class via public transport. 
As Future Academy, our main concern is your health and wellbeing, which is why I am announcing a Severity Level 1 measure as per our Outbreak Prevention and Management Policy. Accordingly, the following measures will be put in place:
1- Classes will continue normally, and trainers will keep attending classes; however, each class will now be accompanied by a Google Hangouts live feed. Your trainer will share a link to each session with you so that you can log in and participate. You will need to have a Google account (free) to be able to access it from phone, tablet or PC.
2- Attendance of 20 hours per week (as per your visa requirements) remains mandatory; however, it doesn’t need to be physical. You can remain at home and access the course via Google Hangouts as per point number 1. If you need any help, don’t hesitate to contact us. 
3- If you are opting to attend via Hangouts, please make sure to leave a comment (they could simply be Hi and Bye) for your trainer as soon as you log in and right before you log out. We will use the timestamp attached to these comments to take note of your attendance for reporting purposes. If you have experienced technical difficulties, you may use the same link more than once to rejoin the session. 
4- Physical classes will still be available if you would like to attend; however, if you do not attend neither physically nor virtually, you will be considered absent and will be sent a warning as per our attendance policy.
5- Regarding your workplacement (if any), if you are comfortable to attend your workplace and continue your workplacement and if your workplace is still operational, you are free to do so; otherwise, you may postpone it until the outbreak has been managed. Please note that you are still required to do all your workplacement hours unless the Department of Education and Training specifies otherwise. 
6- In case the government places further measures regarding a lockdown, we will – of course – comply, yet all sessions will still be done via Google Hangouts and attendance would still be taken until the lockdown is lifted. 
In conclusion, please take good care of yourselves, sanitise often, and stay away from crowds when possible. If there is anything we can assist you with during this tough period, please let us know. 

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