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Outbreak Prevention and Management Policy

Outbreak Prevention and Management Policy



This policy is put into practice in case of the outbreak of a disease or any other issue that may prevent students from attending classes in a regular and normal manner.


This policy applies to all current and prospective overseas students and trainers of Future Academy in case of an outbreak or similar issues.

Policy Statement

In case the Outbreak Prevention and Management Policy is called into effect by the CEO, the following measures are put into effect based on the severity of the situation.

Severity Level




There are grounded fears of a possible epidemic or threat to the health and wellbeing of students and staff members; however, no official government directions are imposed.

1.1   Classes continue normally

1.2   Trainers conduct classes on campus and on Google Hangouts simultaneously

1.3   Students may come to class and sign their own attendance

1.4   Trainers mark attendance for students attending online by students leaving a comment in the Hangouts chat as soon as they log in.

1.5   Admin tracks attendance duration via Google Admin Audit Reports.

1.6   Work placement activities continue normally; however, flexible arrangements may be agreed upon with the student.


Epidemic is confirmed. Government recommends preventative measures.

2.1   Physical classes are cancelled but google hangout classes continue.

2.2   Trainers will conduct classes via Google Hangouts from home.

2.3   Points 1.4 and 1.5 apply.

2.4   Work placement activities are suspended.


In case either Severity Level is applied, students are still required to attend their 20 hours whether physically (as in SL1) or virtually.

The launching and suspension of the Outbreak Prevention and Management Policy will be announced by the CEO via e-mail to all students, trainers and staff.


Future Academy is closing down

Thank you for visiting our website. Unfortunately, we have commenced closing down procedures and are no longer accepting enrolments or requests. We appologise for any inconvenience and wish you all the best. 

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