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New Website Design Course

With covid’s effects still in the shadows, everyone is looking for a way to quickly acquire new skills or start on a new career.
Digital skills are now in high demand since covid has a very minimal or negligible effect on them, which is why Future Academy is launching a new 10-week, non-AQF, website design course for all students. It is a course designed for absolute beginners and covers all the basics of WordPress. By taking the course, you will be able to create and manage a variety of websites and even create your own webdesign business. 
Moreover, current or past Future Academy students will get 10% off on the tuition fees of the course. 
You can find out more here or contact us on info@futureacademy.edu.au.

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Future Academy is closing down

Thank you for visiting our website. Unfortunately, we have commenced closing down procedures and are no longer accepting enrolments or requests. We appologise for any inconvenience and wish you all the best. 

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