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Upon the recommendation of Prime Minister Scott Morisson to lockdown any non-essential businesses, and in a further effort to ensure your safety and wellbeing, we have made the decision to lock down Future Academy as of Tuesday, March 23, 2020 and until further decisions are made by government. 
If you are not on term break, your sessions with your trainers will continue as scheduled via Google Hangouts. In case the lock down continues after term break is over, we will resume normal sessions via Google Hangouts as well. In case there are any changes to your schedules or programmes, your relevant Student Support Officer will inform you via e-mail. 
The Future Academy Administration will also be on lockdown, and staff will not be present in the office most of the time; however, they will be working from home and will still be available via e-mail, or they can give you a call back if you fill in this form. Also, please refrain from calling us on our usual number as the phone may be unattended. Please be patient with us as we are doing our best in navigating the uncharted waters. 
Stay safe and take good care of yourself.

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Future Academy is closing down

Thank you for visiting our website. Unfortunately, we have commenced closing down procedures and are no longer accepting enrolments or requests. We appologise for any inconvenience and wish you all the best. 

Thank you!

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