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Enrolment Process

The Enrolment Process

Step 1

Application Form

If you are a domestic student, fill in a domestic student application form. If you have a Student Visa, fill in the SSVF form. If you are coming through an agent, please check that they are registered with us first here. Once you fill your application, you will be asked to submit required documents. 

Step 2


One of our representatives or agents will contact you to conduct a pre-enrolment and course suitability interview. This will help us determine what course suits you best and to make sure that you are aware of everything that is related to your choice.

Pre-enrolment Form

The representative or agent will fill in a pre-enrolment and sutability form on your behalf. You will get a copy of this form once it is filled.

LLN Test

You will be asked to do a Literacy, Language and Numeracy Test. This is not a pass/fail test, but it's goal is to get to know your academic level and to identify any gaps you may have so that your trainers can help you with your learning. If your language skills are too low, you may be offered to do extra language classes before enroling in the actual course.

Step 3

Letter of Offer (International Students)

If you are an international student, we will send you a Letter of Offer that details everything related to the program you have applied to. Once you are satisfied, you’ll need to sign the LOO, make the initial payment, and send it back to us. Don’t worry, in case you change your mind, this money is refundable (except the application fee of $200) based on our Refunds policy.
If you are a domestic student, you will meet with one of our representatives who will explain the process to you and explain some of our relevant policies to you, and then they will take you to Step 4.

Step 4

Domestic Students

Your application is approved, and you are given further instructions about your course dates and commencement.

International Students

Your COE gets issued and sent to you and/or your agent along with further instructions about your course commencement and orientation.

Step 5

Orientation and Commencement

You are invited to attend a mandatory orientation session where everything else about your course and stay in Australia (international students) is explained. You have to attend this orientation session.

Step 6

Welcome to Future Academy

Future Academy is closing down

Thank you for visiting our website. Unfortunately, we have commenced closing down procedures and are no longer accepting enrolments or requests. We appologise for any inconvenience and wish you all the best. 

Thank you!

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