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Developing Financial Responsibility (non-AQF)

financial responsibility

Course Information


Over 80% of people have no personal financial system and go through life in financially aimless and on a debt treadmill and can’t see a way out. For these people life can be drudgery or even financial hell.

This is a course designed to bring you to the point where after two or three years you are saving 50% of everything your earn and can be an investor, all for only $300 with opportunity to review online and have a private audience with the presenter after say three or six months. If you are ready to make a commitment to be on top of your finances in a way you never have before, in the form of a fun game, then this is a course for you, particularly if you are going nowhere or have reached rock bottom or are just tired of the debt treadmill, or perhaps even want an escape from gambling (or even smoking), As long as you are prepared to be honest with yourself, no excuses, you will start to experience financial lift off and may even be able to leave a time consuming job and be free with income coming in and never look back.

Course Objectives are:

– Short term: to experience the freedom and security of finally being financially organized and on track and having a system.


– Long term: to get to the point where you are saving at least 50% of everything you earn and always have money in the bank.

Attendees will be able to fill out their income and expenses and net savings on a monthly basis and on moving three, six and twelve month bases. 

This is a non-AQF course so the certificate will not appear on a student’s USI. 

Course Duration

3-4 hours

Attendance Requirement

3-4 hours

Course Suitability

Must be 18 years or older

This course is suitable for people who earn and spend and want to save their money and who want assistance and direction and prepared to take action and put into practice what they learn for the rest of their lives.

Training Mode

Face to Face or Online 

Presenter Bio: Dr. David Murphy

In 1967 Dr David started keeping personal accounts from the age of 14 when his parents gave him a diary with an accounts section as a Christmas present – perhaps the best present you can give your children – besides a big desk for their bedroom. Over the years he has refined his system and currently saves about 70% of everything he brings in and is an investor. With his system he was able to secure a mortgage on a property in St Leonards at the age of 23 when interest rates were high and loans near impossible to get – and pay it off in just seven years and go on to his second property, also in St Leonards. Despite having a mortgage, due to his accounts system, he was able to retire from his full time job of teaching (once a teacher always a teacher) at age 26 and never need a 9 to 5 job again – and still get his mortgage paid off in just 7 years. He now currently has a system where he can help people have their debts, loans and mortgages paid out for next to nothing for those who are appreciative and reciprocative and ready to move on with their financial goals more quickly than they had expected.

Fees and Charges

Total course fees: $300

First Session March 10, 2021.

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