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CEO’s Message

Message from the CEO

Welcome to Future Academy…

There are two main principles that have goverened my life for the past twelve or so years, and I don’t think I will be changing them any time soon. Not only do I apply them in my everyday life, but also in my work as CEO. 

The first principle is based on the famous Latin saying “Carpe Diem”, which translates to “Seize your day”. I believe that no opportunity should be missed, whether it is to improve myself or those around me. After all, no matter what I do, it’s karma whether I pay it forward or afterwards; so I choose to pay it forwards. 

The second principle comes from the Lord’s prayer: may thy will be done. However, this principle is futile without the application of the first principle. I do trust that God’s will is good and that it is for my own benefit; however, it does not apply if I have not begun by seizing my day. 

To sum them up, the two principles combine in one: Do what you need to do, and then accept God’s will. Ever since I started applying these principles, life took me to the most unexpected places. I have enjoyed quite a successful career back in Lebanon as a school principal and university coordinator & instructor, and here in Australia as I was chosen to lead Future Academy through its biggest storm yet.

And it was a success: against all odds, Future Academy survived and emerged even better than it ever was; however, this is not my work alone. I couldn’t have done it without the trust, support, and – above all – love of my team and the board of directors. 

But this is only the start… There are still many plans for Future Academy as we take it on to the next decade. We will be embracing more technology in administration as well as education, and we will be entering more and more markets. 

Thank you for visiting Future Academy, and I hope that I will have the pleasure to get to know and work with you soon…

Charbel M. Tadros

Chief Executive Officer/Director


Future Academy is closing down

Thank you for visiting our website. Unfortunately, we have commenced closing down procedures and are no longer accepting enrolments or requests. We appologise for any inconvenience and wish you all the best. 

Thank you!

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