Training Benchmark

What is Training Benchmark

Australian businesses who hire overseas workers and are approved sponsor organizations by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) must meet Training Benchmarks obligations. One of two training benchmark options is Training Benchmark B, which costs half of the alternative, Training Benchmark A. In addition, Training Benchmark B allows Australian businesses to incur required training expenses in training their own staff.

To qualify for Training Benchmark B, Australian businesses must have Australian permanent residents or citizens working for them whom they can train as part of their training benchmark obligations. The current requirement is that such businesses must spend 1% of their gross annual payroll in training their employees. Businesses applying for sponsorship approval from the DIBP must commit to the training expenses of minimum 1% of their gross payroll under Training Benchmark B.

This means that businesses must spend this amount and submit the receipt of payment from us at the time of submitting the application to the DIBP. The receipt of payment must be prior to the date of sponsorship application. It is also a requirement that they must also submit an auditable structured training plan as part of their sponsorship application. However, businesses which have been operating for less than one year at the time of sponsorship application are not required to make this payment upfront prior to the date of application.

Such businesses need to show their commitment to training their Australian employees. At Future Academy we provide a free commitment letter to all such clients along with an auditable structured training plan.

Benefit of

Training Benchmark B
  • You only spend 1%, which is literally half the expense of Training Benchmark A.
  • Training Benchmark B gives you the opportunity to up-skill your own employees and improve workplace productivity, which adds direct value to the bottom line of the business.
  • Less staff turnover – gains from not needing to train new staff results in savings of unnecessary recruitment costs.
  • You can depend on ethical, prompt, professional and transparent services from Future Academy to help you meet your training benchmark obligations.

Who needs to be trained

How we help

Though the objective of this scheme is to train Australians, non-Australian employees can also be trained under this obligation as long as Australians are included in the training when the training is delivered to non-Australian employees. They can be employed by a company on full-time, part-time or even on a casual/contract basis.

We prepare an obligation free training plan at no cost to our clients within 24 hours or even within minutes when requested. Our auditable structured training plan meets all requirements of Training Benchmark B. As part of this service, we also provide a commitment letter to companies that are trading for less than 12 months in Australia, showing the company’s commitment to do the training in order to be compliant.

What we offer you

Future Academy is industry leaders in Training Benchmark B and offers one of the largest selection of courses for Australian businesses to meet Training Benchmark B requirements to suit to most occupations and industries. We tailor our courses to suit the needs of clients so that the training directly adds value to the bottom line by improving workplace productivity. We have training venues in all capital cities in Australia and deliver training Australia-wide. As part of our services we also offer a free report on the relevance of training for the business, which may be crucial for the success of the sponsorship obligation and on-going compliance.

 awards a Certificate of Completion of Training to all trainees. Future Academy also provides a Certificate to their organisation for their commitment to training staff.


How it works

  1. Order a training Plan
  2. Future Academy creates and sends the Training Plan for your review
  3. Make payment for the Training Plan
  4. We arrange for the delivery of training and deliver training

Training Delivery Modes

  • Face-to-face

    Classroom-based workshop style training at Future Academy facilities or at clients’ sites at no additional costs. (Terms and conditions apply).

  • Online

    Connect with our trainers anywhere in Australia for an interactive online training session (webinar). This is a face-to-face online option.

  • E-Learning

    (Self Study) Training materials are sent via e-mail.

  • E-Learning Assist

    This option helps E-Learning participants to connect to the trainers online and have any course related queries answered.

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