Yes, your fees are protected. FUTURE ACADEMY  pays into the Tuition Protection Scheme (TPS) provided by the Australian Government. Fir information about the TPS see https://tps.gov.au/Home/NotLoggedIn

I for some reason we are unable to continue to provide you with training, we will take all reasonable steps to enrol you with another provider or refund you the value of the training not yet delivered using the resources that comes with the TPS.

A part of our contract to you, we are legally required to inform you of any changes that may arise.  We will give you reasonable notice of any change and take all reasonable steps to ensure that you are not disadvantaged.

There may be occasions when this might occur, and you will be told who the 3rd party provider is at the time of inquiry / enrolment. Note

FUTURE ACADEMY is required by the National Regulator to work closely with the 3rd party to ensure you enjoy the training and assessment services required to complete your training. We supply the learning and assessment resources to retain quality assurance provisions. When you successfully complete a course FUTURE ACADEMY will issue you your certification documents.

Yes, at the time of enrolment we will need your personal information (including any visa provisions) to comply with our legal obligations.  We will need to have your USI.  All of this information is protected by the Privacy Act.

Your rights and obligations are provided in the Student code of conduct document which appears in the Handbook, on the web site. Naturally you have all the rights under law including consumer protection. Of note is your right to lodge a complaint or an appeal and this information is provided in a number of places including this web site, your policy manual and assessment documents.

There are a number of places where this information can be found.  Our refund policy appears in the student handbook that is published on our web site.  This information is reproduced in your student handbook and again on the enrolment form.

No there is no cooling off period but that does not mean you are not entitled to a refund under certain circumstance. See our refund policy which is on the web site.

Naturally FUTURE ACADEMY is concerned about you being able to continue to participate with your learning and if you have any impediments it will take all reasonable steps to provide you information about the various services that can help you address those issues. FUTURE ACADEMY   will not charge you for that service

There are a number of places this information can be found.  We declare our fees and charges as a policy statement which appears on our web site.  This information is reproduced in your student handbook and again on the enrolment form.

FUTURE ACADEMY does not have any contractual arrangements with the Government to provide subsidised training.

First you may need to pay a co-contribution fee which the approved RTO is required to levy.

Second  if you are being funded by Government for a particular course or qualification you may be precluded from enjoying any future funding or assistance

State and Federal Government funding initiatives contribute  towards the cost of training for eligible learners including  apprenticeships and traineeships. You should check your State Government website to see what qualifications are included and whether you are eligible. Naturally the staff at FUTURE ACADEMY  can help as well.

FUTURE ACADEMY trading as FUTURE ACADEMY is a registered provided registration number 32392. Because of this registration FUTURE ACADEMY is responsible for the quality of training and assessment provided and the issuing of AQF certification documents for the qualifications it is registered to deliver.

Most qualifications do not have entry requirements although candidates will be expected to have literacy, language & numeracy skills suited to the level of the qualification they are undertaking.  IF there are any entry requirements, these will be described on the unit of competency located on www.training.gov.au.  They are also   described in each of the course information leaflets.

Naturally FUTURE ACADEMY will also inform you of any prerequisites at the time of inquiry / enrolment.

FUTURE ACADEMY is obligated to provide you with an amount of training consistent with you achieving an outcome. How long it takes you to complete your course depends on your commitment to learning.  However, you are expected to complete within a reasonable time which can vary from 6 months to 2 years (depending on the course).  You will be informed about the time you have to complete your course at the time of enrolment / inquiry. You may extend your course for a maximum of 6 months (providing your request for extension is based on reasonable grounds).

The duration of your course will vary according to the nature of the qualification and how much prior experience you have.  For some one doing a Certificate III with no prior experience they should expect to take about 12 months, a Diploma can expect to take about 12 -18 months, and the Advanced Diploma can take from 1 to 2 years.

You will be given the opportunity to discuss an accelerated program, conditional that you are able to provide satisfactory evidence.

There are two main types of assessment activities, a knowledge-based assessment and a skills-based assessment.

The knowledge-based assessment can be completed at home or during schedule workplace sessions as required.

The skill- based assessment will be conducted on site.  In all instances you will be informed about when the assessment will occur.

FUTURE ACADEMY has four branches:

  • Bankstown, NSW
  • York St, Sydney, NSW
  • Bowen Hills, Brisbane, QLD
  • Morley, Perth, WA

For those who are new to the industry, it’s possible for students with the assistance of FUTURE ACADEMY to locate a centre that can offer work experience suited to your study.

Check with FUTURE ACADEMY at the time of inquiry to find out how it can help you here.

Mandatory work placement is not required for most of the courses offered by FUTURE ACADEMY.

Check with FUTURE ACADEMY at the time of inquiry if work placement / experience is required.

In most cases you do not need to provide your own learning materials and equipment.

In the event you are required to purchase materials as part of your training you will be told what you will need at the time of your inquiry and again prior to enrolment.

Generally, this will be limited to the use of computers to access the internet and to prepare and produce reports.  For those doing visual arts you may be required to purchase drawing and painting materials.

Make sure you ask for clarification prior to making any decision to enrol.

Each course and unit of competency provides a description of the course content and what you can expect to learn.  The application is usually below the course description although it can also be found in the course description.

The course description and application information also appears in the description of each course published on FUTURE ACADEMY’s website.

All nationally recognized courses are listed on www.training.gov.au. Simply access the site and look up the course you are interested in. The information provided will tell you if the course is current or has been superseded.

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